Corsi Children 7/10 annu

Miriam Tovati



Miriam is 17 years old and is following a foreign language programme at Liceo Giordano Bruno in Melzo. She has many hobbies,  such as cinema, theatre and travelling. She  also plays the piano and likes going to concerts. When she was younger, she practised artistic gymnastics at a semi-professional level.  She is very caring towards her friends and family. What she doesn’t like about other people is hypocrisy and arrogance. She is quite critical of herself too as she would like to be more consistent and self-determined.  Miriam is a typical “lateral thinker” using  original and unexpected methods to solve problems.  During YES Summer Camp she’s learning how to deal with children and satisfy their educational needs. In the future she would like to become an actress or a surgeon.